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Topical Creams for Psoriasis which do not Contain Corticosteroids

Although steroid creams are the mainstay of psoriasis treatments, some body parts are better treated with non-steroidal alternatives. In addition, these non-steroidal creams have a more favorable side-effects profile vs. their steroid cousins.

Tazorotene (Tazorac®)
Tazorotene is a topical retinoid designed for psoriasis. It is also marketed for acne and as a wrinkle-fighting cream.

Calcipotriene (Dovonex®)
Calcipotriene is a vitamin D derivative for treating psoriasis

Psoriatec (anthralin) Topical Cream for Psoriasis
Psoriatec is the brand of anthralin, an old fashioned but still useful topical treatment for psoriasis

Protopic and Elidel for Psoriasis
Protopic and Elidel are FDA approved topical medications for the treatment of eczema. They can be used and are sometimes quite useful for treatment of psoriasis, especially for those areas where steroids should be avoided.

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