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Psoriasis 101

Thick, red, scaly skin plaques are the hallmark of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a disease that can strike at any age, and affect any part of the body covered by skin. The lesions of psoriasis are somewhat difficult to clear even with modern therapy, a problem compounded by the chronic, often lifelong course of the disease.
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A Historical Look at Psoriasis
Psoriasis has been around probably as long as we have. What did doctors think of psoriasis decades or centuries ago?

Psoriasisi Image Gallery
Psoriasis can affect skin, scalp, nails and joints. Here are some photos of typical and not so typical psoriasis imgages and even some psoriasis mimics.

What is Psoriasis
What is psoriasis, who gets psoriasis and why? what makes psoriasis or worse or better? Is psoriasis contagious, is it cancer?

What Causes Psoriasis
Psoriais is believed to be the result of a genetic predeliction for the disease which is sometimes associated with a known or unknown triggering factor.

Psoriasis Statistics
Facts and figures about the disease and its effects.

Psoriasis Photo Gallery
Photographs of various types of psoriasis

Misconceptions About Psoriasis
Misconceptions about psoriasis abound: What is it? What is it not.

From the National Institutes of Health
Thorough summary of psoriasis from a reliable source

Psoriasis and Genetics
o date, researchers have uncovered nearly a dozen variations in the DNA, or genetic material, of people with psoriasis -- an autoimmune disorder that produces thickened patches of scaly, red skin that can appear on any part of the body.

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