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Psoriasis Frequently Asked Questions

What are the questions most commonly asked about psoriasis? Here's some questions I frequently hear from my own patients and how I answer them.

Can Biologic Drugs Cause Psoriasis?
Although rare, the same biologic drugs we use to treat psoriasis have been blamed for triggering psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Will eating curry help my psoriasis?
There are some anecdotes of people who saw improvement in their psoriasis by eating a diet that contained a lot of curry. Is there any scientific evidence to support this?

Can I Get a Tattoo if I Have Psoriasis?
Tattoos and popular in our culture, but can getting a tattoo cause a flare of psoriasis?

I Have Psoriasis. Am I At Risk For Other Conditions?
Psoriasis is associated with an increased risk for many other diseases including heart disease and cancer. How should you screen for these conditions if you have psoriasis?

Will My Children Get Psoriasis?
Many parents with psoriasis wonder if their children will also get the disease. Since psoriasis has a genetic basis, the question is legitimate, but the answers are often estimates at best.

How Can I Understand Clinical Trials?
How does one interpret clinical trials?

What is a PASI Score?
The PASI score or Psoriasis Area and Severity Index is often quoted in clinical trials as a measure of improvement under treatment

What are the Side Effects of Biologic Drugs for Psoriasis?
Biologic drugs for psoriasis are highly effective, however like all medicines they have their own set of side effects to be monitored for and considered when deciding to use these drugs.

Why Is Psoriasis Called Psoriasis?
Psoriasis seems like such an odd word. Why is psoriasis called psoriasis?

What is Psoriasis?
What is wrong with my skin?

What Causes Psoriasis?
Why did I get this? Was it something I did?

Which Medicines can Worsen Psoriasis?
Which drugs can worsen psoriasis and should be avoided in persons with this diagnosis?

Do I Need to See a Doctor About My Psoriasis?
If your psoriasis is severe, extensive, or getting worse, you need to see your doctor

Can Psoriasis of the Nails be Treated?
Psoriasis can cause pitting, lifting, oil-spotting and thickening of finger and toenails.

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