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Systemic Treatments You Can Get from Your Doctor

When large body surfaces are covered with psoriasis, arthritis is involved, or the lesions are resistant to treatment with topical medications, then systemic treatment is required. Systemic medications are available in the form of pills and injections with recently introduced "biologics" ushering in a new era in psoriasis treatment.
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Psoriasis Drugs in Development
There are always several drugs "in the pipeline" of development for psoriasis at any given time. Usually these are in some stage of FDA clinical trial testing. Many newer drugs are of the biologic class but "upgrades" of older drugs and brand new classes of drugs are also under development.

Experimental Psoriasis Drugs
Many psoriasis drugs are in the experimental stage, but can found by volunteering for clinical trials.

Cutting Edge Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments
Treatments for psoriasis can be a guessing game. No one remedy seems to work for everyone afflicted. But for those with psoriatic arthritis, an advanced stage of the auto-immune disease, the game is a balancing act. Several new drugs promise relief from the potentially crippling condition, but not without risks that include infection and cancer.

Psoriasis Treatments That are Fast
While there are many psoriasis treatments, some appear to work much faster than others. For patients for whom time is of the essence, faster treatment may be just the ticket.

Seldom Used Drugs for Psoriasis
Older drugs for psoriasis are used less often now due to the great results seen with newer biologic drugs, however they still have applications for specific patients who are unable or unwilling to take biologics.

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