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Tazorac (Tazorotene)

A Topical Retinoid for Psoriasis


Updated October 26, 2007

What is Tazarotene?

Tazarotene is a vitamin A-derived drug that is part of a class of drugs called retinoids. Unlike the more famous retinoid drug, Retin-A, tazarotene can improve psoriasis. It is available under the brand name Tazorac.

How is it Used

Tazorac comes in two strengths, 0.05 and 0.1%, and is available as both a cream and a gel. The 0.1% gel is the strongest version; your dermatologist can help you decide which one is right for you. This medication is applied once daily. It can take 2 to 12 weeks for you to see maximum improvement. Tazorac can be combined with topical steroids, Dovonex, phototherapy, and other treatments. It can be somewhat drying, and using a moisturizer in addition to the drug is usually recommended.

Tazorac can be used in the morning, as no messy residue is left behind. This is especially helpful for those with hand psoriasis. At night, a messier ointment can be used. Tazorac is one of the only topical psoriasis medications that may help fingernail psoriasis.


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