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Psoriasis Treatments


What treatment your doctor will recommend for you depends on the severity of your psoriasis, other health conditions you have, and how big of an impact psoriasis has (or will have) on your daily life. Not every treatment is suitable for every patient.
  1. Getting Started With Treatments
  2. Treating the Whole Body
  3. Making Treatment Work Better: Things to Know

Getting Started With Treatments

When it comes to treating psoriasis, the first line of treatment is to try simple over-the-counter skin creams and other similar lower risk medications. Talk to your doctor before trying any of these, however, as you need a treatment plan to get the best care possible.

Treating the Whole Body

When more than 10% of the body's surface is affected by psoriasis, whole-body treatment may be warranted. Pills, shots and light treatments can treat large areas of the body at one time -- something that's just too difficult to do with creams or other topical medications.

Making Treatment Work Better: Things to Know

Many mild cases of psoriasis respond to self-treatment with moisturizers, sunlight and over-the-counter medications.

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