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Will My Children Get Psoriasis?


Updated July 04, 2008

Question: Will My Children Get Psoriasis?
Many parents with psoriasis wonder if their children will also get the disease. Since psoriasis has a genetic basis, the question is legitimate, but the answers are often estimates at best.
Answer: Psoriasis has a genetic basis: Thirty-six percent to 91% of patients have some sort of family history of the disease. If both parents and a sibling have psoriasis however, the risk is as high as 83. Here are some other statistics to consider:
  • one sibling with psoriasis: risk is 24%
  • one parent with psoriasis: risk is 28%
  • one sibling and one parent with psoriasis: risk is 41%
  • two parents with psoriasis: risk is 65%
Note that in no case is the risk 100%, meaning that no one can say for certain that a given child will have psoriasis no matter what the family history. Also realize that psoriasis can occur in the complete absence of any family history.


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